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Grado Accessories

The Grado accessories offer a wide range of products that will let you enjoy your Grado products even more. After many years in the industry, here at Grado we have focused on bringing you not only some of the best headphones/earphones, but also the best accessories to go with them too. Whether you are looking for replacement pads, or simply a protective carry case, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for.

Pads and Earbuds
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Grado iGrado Cushion Pads
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Grado SR60e/ SR80e/ SR125e Cushions
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Grado SR225e/ SR325e/ RS1e/ RS2e/ PS500e Cushions
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Grado GS1000e/ PS1000e Cushions
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Grado iGi Earbuds
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Grado GR8/ GR10 Earbuds
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Grado 450cm Extension Cable
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Grado 15cm Adaptor Cable

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